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About our Dog Collars, Leads and more….

For the comfort of your pet, all our collars are either lined in satin, covered in satin, silk or cotton.  The core of the collars is either polypro or nylon webbing.   We use the finest upholstery thread to assemble our collars.  Our customers can select from either solid brass or silver hardware.  All our hardware is either solid cast or soldered.   We recommend silver hardware with cotton covered collars. 

We’ve been designing collars for 13 yrs and use industrial machines.  Our inspiration came from the need of having something beautiful, comfortable and safe for our own pets and rescues.  Our experience, over 45 years of sewing, greatly helps in our ability to produce collars that meets the needs of your pet. 

Our collars are made to the neck measurement of your pet.   Once we have the requirements of your pet, we add additional space for adjustment and growth.   This method, rather than using sizes, helps eliminate returns, restocking fees, and questions regarding where your pet fits into certain sizes.   Please let us know if your pet is a puppy.  We will allow extra adjustment for growth.

If possible, please let us know the breed(s) of your pet.  In most cases, a Greyhound would need a lightweight collar.  The same collar for a Pitt Bull may need to be made with heavier materials.   

¾” , 1”, 1 ½” wide collars are available in either snap lock buckle, martingale, single loop or martingale with buckle styles.  We charge $5 extra for martingale with buckle collars.  2" collars are available in martingale or single loop style.  2" collars are not available in snap lock buckle.

Most of our 1 1/2" wide collars can be adapted to 2" wide collars.  Some of our 1" collars can be adapted to 1 1/2" or 2" wide collars.  Let us know if you see something you like in another width.  We'll let you know what we can do to accommodate it into a larger or smaller width.

Our collection of Jacquard Trims is over 13 years.  This is why you may see something not offered anywhere else.

Our fabric covered, with trim applied, collars are unique.  Since we have been sewing over 45 years, we have a selection of fabric and trim not found elsewhere.  Our experience with colors, designs, sewing, needs and love of our own pets/rescues enables us to design safe, comfortable eye-catching collars.

Satin lined collars will not fray on the edges.  We love our satin or silk covered collars, with trim applied, however they may fray on the edges.   We do apply extra backing to our covered collars to help eliminate fraying.

We do not use grosgrain ribbon as trim on our collars.  Although grosgrain is affordable and easy to sew, we have found it does not meet the requirements of our collars.  

We do not make/sell wide collars for little pets.  We feel the hardware that accommodates a wide collar is too heavy for the smaller breeds.   

For the pet that pulls when walking, we recommend the Premier Easy Walk Harness.  For the pet that needs help up and down stairs, sofas, beds, we recommend the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness.   We do not sell these products but love them for our own pets and rescues.  For the pulling pet, please do not attach a lead to their collars when walking.  A harness is a much better choice.  It’s best to remove collars before crating pets.  We recommend the breakaway collar that Premier offers when a pet is unattended. 

There are many business selling hardware, webbing, instructions and small amounts of beautiful trim to make homemade pet collars.   We think these homemade collars are lovely.   However, they are not the best solution for medium to giant breeds unless you have a walking foot industrial machine that can accommodate the thread to assemble a safe collar.   A standard home sewing machine will not handle layers of webbing, fabric, trim and upholstery thread. If you have a small pet that doesn’t pull, some of the sites offering kits for homemade collars are: and

We offer 4’ or 6’ leads.  We offer bolt snap hook or Lobster Claw Bolt Snap Hooks in either silver or brass on our leads.   We offer fabric covered leads, jacquard trim overlay, or velvet trim overlay leads.  We find the fabric covered leads to be the most comfortable for our hands.

Our shopping carts are a work in progress.  If a cart is not available, please email your order to or call 704 804-2709.  Please let us know of any special needs your pet might have.  We appreciate any questions or concerns you might have regarding our collars/leads for your pets.