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2" Wide Dog Collars ($30 - $40)


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Fabric & Trim Collars - $40
 Trim Collars lined or covered in Satin - $40
  Trim Collars not lined or covered in satin - $30
Matching Leads are available for Fabric & Trim Collars
Collar Options:
Collar Style:
Neck Measurement (required):
Collar Number and Name:

Sugar and Spice Daisy   Parisian Dots Dog Collars   Cup Cake Dog Collars
TOAD46- Sugar & Spice Daisy    TOAD47 - Parisian Dots   TOAD48 - Scribble Cakes
(Fabric & Trim)   (Fabric & Trim)   (Fabric & Trim)
    Daisy Dog Collars   Cup Cake Dog Collars for Large Dogs
    TOAD44- Daisy Scribble   TOAD45- Spice Cakes
(Fabric & Trim) (Fabric & Trim)
2" Jewel Dog Collars by   Purple Dog Collars   Martingale Dog Collars
TOAD42-2" Jewel Too   TOAD37 - Bubble Gum   TOAD32 -  Rococo Shell
(Trim)   (Fabric & Trim)   (Trim)
    2 inch Martingale Dog Collars   Dog Collars by
    TOAD36 - Toffee Maize   TOAD31 - Pink Bukhara
(Trim) (Fabric & Trim)
Saxon Knot Dog Collars   Hot Pink Skulls Crossbones Flames   Christmas Tree Dog Collar By
TOAD40 - Saxon Knot   TOAD35 - Hot Pink Flames, Skulls & Crossbones   TOCH29 - Oh, Christmas Tree
(Trim) (Fabric & Trim) (Fabric & Trim)
Dog Collars by   Martingale Dog Collar   Dog Collars by
TOAD39 - Persia   TOAD34 - Poppy   TOAD30 - Scarlet Deco Hearts
(Fabric & Trim) (Trim) (Fabric & Trim)
Fancy Dog Collars   2 inch wide Fancy Dog Collars   Martingale Dog Collars by
TOAD38 - Magic Star   TOAD33 - Feather Dance   TOAD29 - Shades of the Seasons
(Fabric & Trim)   (Trim)   (Fabric & Trim)
2" Wide Dog Collars by   Purple Dog Collars by   Daisy's Dots Martingale Dog Collar
TOAD28 -  Wide Queen Anne   TOAD3 - Purple - Swirly Floral   TOAD8 - Daisy's Dots
(Trim) (Trim) (Fabric & Trim)
Cupcake Dog Collars   Mandrin Dog Collars By   Fancy Metallic Martingale / Sight Hound Dog Collars by
TOAD20 - Cupcake Sugar & Spice TOAD3Orange - Swirley Floral TOAD10 - Elizabethan
(Fabric & Trim) (Trim) (Trim)
Halloween Dog Collars by   Red Swirl Dog Collar   Gold Metallic Fish Dog Collar by
TOH112 -  Halloween Stripes and Pumpkins TOAD3Red - Swirley Floral TOAD11 - Fish
(Fabric & Trim)   (Trim)   (Trim)
Jewels 2" Martingale Dog Collar   Paisley Dog Collars   Sugar and Spice Dots
TOAD1 - Jewels   TOAD4 - Black Grey Paisley   TOAD21 - Sugar & Spice Dots
(Trim) (Fabric & Trim)
Irish Thistle Dog Collars by   Metallic Paisley Dog Collars by    
TOAD2 - Green Brown -  Irish Thistle   TOAD4 - Green - Paisley    
(Trim) (Trim)  
Green Irish Thistle Dog Collar   Wide Dog Collars by Fancy Nancys for Sighhounds, Dobermans, etc.    
TOAD2 - Green Irish Thistle   TOAD5 -  Tapestry Rose    
(Trim)   (Trim)    
Blue Irish Thistle Dog Collar   Martingale Dog Collars by   Dog Collars by
TOAD2 - Blue Irish Thistle TOAD6- Red -  Peacock TOAD22 - Fiesta
(Trim) (Trim) (Fabric & Trim)
Sighthound Dog Collars by   Dog Collars by   Impressionist Roses and Velvet
TOAD2 - Red Irish Thistle   TOAD1 - Turquoise - Peacock   TOAD24 -Impressionist Roses
(Trim)   (Trim)   (Fabric & Trim)
Purple Irish Thistle Dog Collar   Sighthound Dog Collars by   Pink Paisley Punch Dog Collars
TOAD2 - Purple -  Irish Thistle   TOAD7 - Black Renaissance   TOAD25 -  Wide Pink Paisley Punch
(Trim)   (Trim)   (Fabric & Trim)
Dog Collars by   2 inch martingale dog collars   Trim Overlay Dog Collars by
TOAD27 - Pink Passion TOAD7- Burgundy Renaissance TOAD26 -  Spring Fest
(Fabric & Trim)   (Trim)   (Fabric & Trim)