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 5/8", 3/4",  and 1" Wide (unlined) Dog Collar ($20)

and Matching Lead SALE

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All Dog Collars on this page are available in Snap Lock Buckle, Martingale or Single Loop Style


Collar and/or Matching Lead:  
Width of Collar:  
Collar Name & Number:  
Neck Measurement: (required)  
      Pink Dog Collars    
  Navajo Dog Collars by   Butterfly Dog Collars   Pink Butterfly Dog Collars
  #TOA1 -  Navajo Dog Collar   #TOA2A - Blue Butterfly   #TOA2B - Pink Butterfly
  Butterfly Dog Collar and Matching Dog Leash   Orange Skull and Crossbones Dog Collars   Small Dog Collars by
  #TOA2C - Black Butterfly   #TOA38 - Skulls & Crossbones   #TOA4A - Floral (Avocado, New Purple, Turquoise)
  Small Flowered Dog Collars and Matching Dog Leashes   Small Dog Collars by   Small Dog Collars by
  #TOA4B - Floral Beige, Blue, Orchid   #TOA4C - Floral Lavender, Pink, Regal   #TOA4D - Floral Gold, Rosy Peach, Royal
  Pink Dog Collars by   Small Dog Collars by Blue Daisy Dog Collar   Pink Dog Collars by
  #TOA5A - Daisy White, Pink Multi   #TOA5B - Daisy White, Blue Multi   #TOA5C - Daisy Tan, Pink Multi
  Brown Daisy Dog Collars   Turquoise and Purple Daisy Dog Collars   Purple Dog Collars and Matching Dog Leashes
  #TOA5D - Daisy Pink, Brown Multi   #TOA5E - Daisy Black, Teal, Lavender   #TOA6 - Circles and Arrows
  Scarlet and Lime Diamond Dog Collars   Celtic Lace Arrow Red Dog Collars   Red Paisley Dog Collar
  #TOA7 - Scarlet and Bright Lime Diamonds   #TOA8 - Red Celtic Lace   #TOA9A - Peacock Red
    Orange and White Flowered Dog Collars   Dog Collars -  Pink & Purple on Purple Dog Collar
  #TOA9B - Peacock Turquoise   #TOA10 - Citrus Floral   #TOA11 - Tiny Floral
  Butterfly Dog Collars by   Pastel Blue Rose Dog Collars by  
  #TOA13 - Pastel Butterflies   #TOA14 - Pink & Lavender Floral   #TOA16A - Coral Floral
  Pink & Red Flowered Dog Collars by   Flowered Dog Collars   Fancy Dog Collars and Matching Leashes by
  #TOA16B - Navy Floral   #TOA17 - Lime Floral   #TOA19 - Botswana
  Fuchsia Floral Dog Collars by   Fancy Dog Collars and Matching Dog Leashes   Metallic Dog Collars by
  #TOA20 - Tiny Purple Floral   #TOA21 - Filigree Renaissance   #TOA22 - Brown Mint Metallic Paisley
  Nautical Dog Collars By   Star Dog Collars by   Bars and Stars Dog Collar by  Patriotic Dog Collar
  #TOA23 - Nautical   #TOA24 - Star   #TOA25 - Stars & Bars Metallic
  Geometric Dog Collars by     Lime Green Dog Collars by
  #TOA26 - Geometric   #TOA27 - Geometric   #TOA28 - Diamond Geometric
  Hound Collars By   Flowered Pet Collar by  
  #TOA29 - Floral   #TOA30 - Floral   #TOA31 - Tiny Butterflies
  Fancy Dog Collars by   Unique dog collars by   Purple Dog Collars and Matching Dog Leashes
  #TOA32 - Medallions   #TO33A  - Scroll Blue Burgundy   #TOA33B  - Scroll Purple
  Purple Orange and Pink Geometric Dog Collars By   Adjustable Dog Collars by   Pink Stork Dog Collars and Matching Dog Leashes
  #TOA34 - Purple Geo   #TOA35 - Bavarian   #TOA37 - Stork